Linux drivers for Fujitsu FDX310


Thanks for visiting my website. On here I have Linux drivers for the Fujitsu FDX310 ADSL USB modem. I tested them with Redhat 7.1 and they seem to work OK.  A number of happy users have also told me that they work fine with Mandrake 9.0, however I've not been able to check this for myself.
The software has modified PID/VID for the FDX310 and was developed by Flashtux.
Please let me know if you have any problems/comments.  I can't promise to help anyone individually, but if common threads appear I'll check them out.
Tip: make sure you are using g++ for the compilation.
Untar the files - go to the save location directory and type


when that has finished, type

make install

follow the instructions and edit the files suggested

/etc/ppp/peers/adsl - to add username

go to /usr/local/bin



This should check the modem can be found and sync up, it will then prompt for a password if none has been supplied and then connect.

I have set the VP/VC to 0/38 as standard for BT lines in the UK.

Normally all that you should then need to do is run


each time you start the PC and it will automatically sync and login.

Download the drivers here

Thanks for visiting!